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December's paintings explore the societal pressures she grappled with as a young girl, including femininity, popularity, self-fulfillment, and loneliness; all while embodying a sense of ownership over the past and a hopeful outlook towards the future. With settings that are callbacks to her childhood, she brings to life what she wants to see and feel, through places she’s both felt at peace and wishes she had had during times where she didn’t.

The merging of December’s two worlds – both imaginative and real – creates an ultimate fantasy that she can use to rewrite her past, present, and future. The work presents a journey of understanding that one’s search for happiness, fulfillment, and perfection, necessitates writing your own path.




B. 1997




Otis College of Art and Design // Bachelor of Fine Arts


Los Angeles, CA 


***2024.Ruler of the Tides, UTA Artist Space, Beverly Hills, CA.

2023. Inaugural Exhibition, SALON 21, New York, NY.

2023. Brilliant New Faces, Allouche Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

2023. Come KissA Very Serious Gallery, Chicago, IL.

***2022. first contact, UTA Artist Space, Beverly Hills, CA.

2020. Sanitized, Virtual Exhibiton, Los Angeles, CA.

***Solo exhibitions.



2022. The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art, Brooklyn, NY.


Sasha December (b. 1997, New York, NY) is an independent fine artist based in Tokyo. December graduated Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles with a degree in Fine Arts and a focus in Painting in 2020. She began her career in New York City, establishing placements in notable private collections, selling her work through word of mouth and gallery presentations. December began her exploration of paint with abstractions in the form of portraits which she considered both color studies and manifestations of her psyche. The works were heavily inspired by her relationship with her little sister who is severely developmentally disabled. Alongside her abstract works, she painted stylized portraits of girls which soon evolved into her current subject.


The subjects of my work are extensions of the girl I have always fantasized about being in my youth, and the exhausting journey to becoming her. On this journey I’ve realized even that girl longs to be somebody else sometimes. I’ve realized even she is occasionally detached, melancholic, materialistic, and she knows she’s flawed.

But ultimately, in both mind and body, she is beautiful for who she is. She’s learning that she can be whoever, and have whatever she wants, as long as she believes in herself and lives with integrity. 

Hopeful, benevolent, and considerate; she just wants the best for those around her. 


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